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Truth About Virgin Hair

  Hair extensions have become a styling tool for the fashion and natural beauty industries.Some women are not familiar with what virgin hair is,they always bought bad quality hair.

On the flip side, when it’s said that a good hair is of maiden quality, it means that the wild hair has never undergone processes just like perm, bleaching, dyeing, and various kinds of chemical treatments. For that reason characteristic, virgin are a top choice among the hair experts for their healthy bounciness and sheen. The best thing about virgin hair is that all three textures-curly, straight, and wavy-can possibly be reused, styled with sizzling tools like curling curtain rods and flatirons, and colored just like regular hair.

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Something you need to know about indian curly hair

Among all the type of  hair, indian hair is seen as the best quality  hair  due to it is pure and no chemical processed.

Compare with Malaysian Hair,indian hair is softer, thicker and Dyesable

Glamorous hair indian virgin hair is from 100% one donor hair,virgin cuticle aligned hair,can be styled and colored  in any way you like, even after they are ironed . so when you choose indian virgin hair, you will not have to worry  about your hair getting tangle or shedding as indian hair really natural, healthy and untreated. When wear the indian hair, You will  feel the natural smoothness of indian hair simply by running your fingers through these extensions and give you more confidence.

Then someone may want to know,if I choose indian hair,which texture is best choice.

 Among all for selling experience from our clients,, I recommend you indian curly hair.

 But why  indian Curly Hair is best choice?

Firstly ,let us see how many type of curl for indian virgin hair.

For indian virgin hair have straight,body wave,natural wave,loose wave,deep wave,curly, loose curl,kinky curl,yaki.

Straight hair havs a healthy shine and natural luster. But it will have a  light waves after wash. Also,if you iron it, The hair can hold curls well and it will be soft and smooth.

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How to choose processed hair and unprocessed hair

How to choose processed hair and unprocessed hair

Processed VS unprocessed,which one is better?

Someone like unprocessed hair, but some one like processed hair.

But what is the difference between them? 


What Is Processed Hair?

When refers to unprocessed hair, that means the hair has been chemically treated during production. But chemically processed doesn’t mean bad hair. In order to  make it appear a certain way. hair factory dye or bleached it or style it. That called processed hair.


For processed hair, as the cuticles have been removed, the hair can be colored and treated in any way to look. As usual, processed hair is coated in silicone after dyed or bleached.

The only problems for processed hair is the lifespan not as long as unprocessed hair.


 What Is Unprocessed Hair?

Unprocessed hair means cuticle intact hair. It not have chemically processed. It is usually from single donor. It is all cuticle correct.  It will be last longer than processed hair.

The main advantage of  Unprocessed hair is that easy to color or bleach as you like no matter dark color to light color.

Another advantage for unprocessed hair is it not be damaged .so it is more manageable after you washed.

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Some important tip for Indian Virgin Hair

How many bundles do you need for a full head?  

How many bundles do you need for a full head? When you put an order,

many customers want to know about that.  As usual, it depond on the hair

length, everyone want a fuller look. Especially for longer length. So it

usually needs 3-4pcs for a full  head.


How to style indian hair ? 


As usual,for hair manufacture, they usually make the texture with steamer cooker.

Hairdresser also can make texture as you like, especially some special texture.

When you at home, you can also use curling iron make the texture by yourself.



How to avoid tangle or shedding for indian hair


Shedding: The key point avoid shedding is choose double sewn weft. If the weft

Double weft. It will be avoid shedding problems.

 Tangle: tangle is another key point  for hair quality problems.

The first way to avoid tangle is choose the top quality virgin indian hair.

Hiart hair is a professional hair supplier supply high quality indian hair.

Another things is properly hair care. Especially for natural virgin hair,it should be

bleach or style properly. can”t be over heat on it.


How to condition indian hair? 


When wear indian hair extension.pls take care it same as your own hair.

Firstly, Pls not brush it before first wash.

Then use warm water with high quality hair conditioner and shampoo to wash it.

You can wash once each week.

Please do not brush the hair when it is still wet. Especially the small curl. You can use your fingers to comb it.

It is better for air dye after wash rather than hair dryer.


How long it will be last for indian Virgin hair?

Take good care of this hair like your own hair will be the key point to make the hair last longer.

What”s more,when you order indian hair,it have different grade, the higher

grade you order. The hair will last longer time.